Speaking & Teaching



Nikole has been a featured speaker and teacher at venues including:

International Agencies:

UN Commission on the Status of Women, New York; Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering, Indonesia; Youth With A Mission, Barcelona; The Salvation Army, Kenya; Gender Violence Recovery Centre, Kenya.


Catalyst West, CA; Sojourners Summit, DC; The Justice Conference, PA; !deation Conference, CA; Forum for Theological Exploration, GA.


Pepperdine University, Loyola Marymount University, Duke Divinity Summer Institute, University of Southern California, Gordon College, Bethel University, Lee University.


Propel Women, Red Letter Christians, Relevant Magazine.

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Teaching & Facilitation

From Victims to Survivors Liberators in Our Midst Restorative Storytelling
Ministering with survivors of sexual violence through storytelling.

Learn how Freely in Hope journeys alongside of people who have experienced abuse, trauma, or violence. In the journey from victim to survivor, we will discuss how we can be better listeners and advocates by allowing survivors to reclaim their story with dignity, power, and healing. This workshop will also share the methods of healing that have been integral for Freely in Hope—including the power of storytelling and prayer as a practice of healing.


Implementing a survivor-led trajectory of leadership.

Isaiah 61 illustrates a trajectory of leadership that instates a renewed cycle of liberation where the oppressed become the most powerful liberators in our midst—inviting us into a greater sense of freedom within ourselves. This workshop reflects on this trajectory of leadership, shares case studies on a survivor-led approach to holistic liberation and discusses methods on how we can create platforms for the oppressed to lead us and our communities into liberation.


Leveraging dignity through the restorative art of storytelling.

Stories are too often used to destruct and exploit, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. In leveraging stories of dignity, the art of storytelling has the power to provide a sense of healing within us and within communities of poverty, violence, and oppression. This workshop, geared toward creatives, explores the empowering, restorative, and transformational art of storytelling through photography, film, and writing.



Art + Healing While Women Weep Transformational Leadership
Creatively reflecting on the intersection of art and healing.

Art has the ability to speak meaning beyond words—expressing unspoken pain, unseen wounds, the possibility of hope, and audacious dreams. Engage in theological theories, art practices, and processes of reflection that illustrate how the intersection of art and healing leads to transformation in survivors of trauma. This curriculum developed by Freely in Hope is designed for those in search of healing for themselves and for those they serve through the process, practice, and reflection of art.

1-5 SESSIONS (3-4 HRS)

Includes facilitated art projects for reflection.

A documentary film on women who inspire hope in Kenya.

War. Famine. Disease. Poverty—these words often correspond with the ongoing crises in Kenya. Yet despite such political unrest, social turmoil, skewed sexism and relentless poverty, there are enthralling stories of strength, perseverance and dignity. While Women Weep features three women, Genes, Eunice and Grace, who share stories of triumph over adversity. Their lives are dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to live freely in hope.


Platforming the oppressed as the most powerful liberators in our midst.

An act of transformational leadership requires a flipping of tables—where the practices and perspectives from the global south are emphasized even more so than the powers of evangelical privilege. Transformational leadership requires a replacement of old paradigms that perpetuate the cycle of oppression. Instead, new paradigms are necessary that will allow, equip, and platform the oppressed to lead us toward liberation.


2018 Events

March 5-9: Art + Healing Training with YWAM | Barcelona, Spain | Co-Lecturer

August 25: Freely in Hope’s 8h Anniversary Gala | San Francisco, CA | Speaker

October 12-14: The Salvation Army Territorial Women’s Conference | Chicago, IL | Panel Faciliator

November 24: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women | Nairobi, Kenya | Speaker


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