“Nikole Lim writes and speaks with a sense of urgency. She illuminates the facts and tells a story in a way that makes the reader and the listener want to take action.”

– Amena Brown Owen, author and spoken word poet


“​There are great speakers, and then there are visionary leaders who literally change lives through art and story. This is the beauty of Nikole Lim. Once you see her, meet her, hear her prophetic voice, you will be challenged and changed for good.”

– Laurel M. Bunker, Dean of Campus Ministries at Bethel University


“Nikole Lim is an outstanding speaker who has good things to say to the Church that the Church needs to hear.”

Tony Campolo, pastor, author and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton.


“Nikole Lim is one of the most powerful communicators I know.  She loves Jesus, and talks about stuff that really matters, in this world and the next.  Her writing, speaking, and photography paint a powerful picture of the world as it is… but they also help us dream of the world as it could be.”

– Shane Claiborne, speaker, activist, and best-selling author


“Nikole is a storyteller of the highest order.  Whether via writing, speaking or filmmaking, Nikole has an eye for compelling characters and an ear for the key phrases that make a difference in a person’s life.  She brings profound spiritual insights to our campus every time she speaks.”

– Craig Detweiler, Professor of Communication, Pepperdine University


“Nikole is an incredibly compelling communicator. Whether through images, writing, or public speaking, she draws you into the human story and inspires you to give your best self to a world in need.”

– Phileena Heuertz, author and co-director of The Gravity Center


“Nikole Lim’s timely voice comes from a depth of conviction and compassion that a renewed humanity is possible against acts of violence and injustice in our world today.”

– Chiraphone Khamphouvong, speaker, activist and teacher


“Nikole Lim is a much needed voice of hope for our world. Her unique perspectives about justice, human care, and collaborating towards a better world are both inspirational and challenging. There’s no doubt that Nikole will help shape the way we all think about doing good for years to come.”

– Charles Lee, CEO of Ideation & Author of “Good Idea. Now What?


“Raw. Poetic. Full of hope in God.”

Lisa Lee, Organizational and Leadership Development  Coach


“Nikole Lim is more than a writer and speaker. Her words reach deeply into your soul as a balm meant for healing, inspiration, and faith-filled light.”

Rev. Dr. Velda Love, Minister for Racial Justice with The United Church of Christ


“Nikole is not only a passionate thinker, but a person who has the unique ability to live, create, and inspire goodness in the world.”

– Bruce Reyes-Chow, speaker, author and teacher with the Presbyterian Church


“Nikole Lim writes with a fervent passion and a sense of urgency that inspire and move the reader in deeply meaningful ways. Her commitment to change the world, and continue to empower her audience is truly amazing. Nikole’s singular talent lies in the fact that she continues to break barriers, and engage us through her storytelling.”

Mahtem Shiferraw, Author of Fuchsia and winner of the Sillerman Prize for African Poets