Nikole Lim is a speaker and educator on leveraging dignity through the restorative art of storytelling.

nikolelimFrom documenting a widow with leprosy in the jungles of Vietnam, to providing scholarships for survivors of sexual violence in Zambia, furthering
 social justice through the arts has been a vital part of Nikole’s vocational journey. By using film and photography, Nikole shifts paradigms on how stories are told by platforming voices of the oppressed—sharing stories of immense beauty arising out of seemingly broken situations. Nikole teaches on a trajectory of leadership that instates a renewed cycle of liberation where the oppressed become the most powerful liberators in our midst—inviting us into a greater sense of freedom.

Nikole is the Co-Founder and International Director of Freely in Hope, a nonprofit organization that equips survivors and advocates to lead in ending the cycle of sexual violence. Freely in Hope operates in Kenya and Zambia providing psychological counseling, health care and high school and university scholarships for young women who desire to impact global communities through their rewritten stories.

Nikole is in the Red Letter Christians network. She consults regularly with international organizations including The Salvation Army, has spoken in faith-based initiatives at the UN Women Conference, and lectures at universities across the country. Nikole graduated with a degree in Film Production from Loyola Marymount University and is currently pursuing a masters in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. She is a native of the Bay Area and is often found buying African fabric on the street. Her heart beats for young women whose voices are silenced by oppression and desires to see every person realize the transformative power of their own story.

Nikole has spoken at venues including:
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For speaking, teaching, writing, or consulting inquiries, please contact: nikole@freelyinhope.org

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Photography by @lafrohemien | Nairobi, Kenya



“Nikole Lim is an outstanding speaker who has good things to say to the Church that the Church needs to hear.”

Tony Campolo, pastor, author and former spiritual advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton.

“Nikole Lim writes with a fervent passion and a sense of urgency that inspire and move the reader in deeply meaningful ways. Her commitment to change the world, and continue to empower her audience is truly amazing. Nikole’s singular talent lies in the fact that she continues to break barriers, and engage us through her storytelling.”

Mahtem Shiferraw, Author of Fuchsia and winner of the Sillerman Prize for African Poets

“Nikole Lim is one of the most powerful communicators I know.  She loves Jesus, and talks about stuff that really matters, in this world and the next.  Her writing, speaking, and photography paint a powerful picture of the world as it is… but they also help us dream of the world as it could be.”

– Shane Claiborne, speaker, activist, and best-selling author

“Nikole is an incredibly compelling communicator. Whether through images, writing, or public speaking, she draws you into the human story and inspires you to give your best self to a world in need.”

– Phileena Heuertz, author and co-director of The Gravity Center


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